The Pros and Cons of Dropshipping: Is It Worth It?

Jan 31, 2024

Dropshipping has never been more popular. Forecasts say that by 2024, the global dropshipping industry will grow to $300.11 billion and then soar up to 372.47 billion. Dropshipping is growing fast, but does it make sense?

Imagine that you run an online shop. A supplier can ship orders directly from their warehouse to customers, saving you the trouble of having to buy inventory, package the products, and make trips to the postal office.

That's dropshipping. It has inspired many people to start dropshipping businesses.

This article will provide you with all the tools and information to start your entrepreneurial journey confidently.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping, in a nutshell, is a convenient, low-risk, and modern business model. It doesn't need a physical store.

The store owner is only responsible for selling the products. They do not keep any inventory. The product is delivered directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, without the retailer ever having to store or handle it.

You sell the products of others and keep a portion for yourself.

It's easy to get started and doesn't cost much.

Peaprint 's print-on demand services combine dropshipping and Peaprint's to create a real miracle. You can create personalized products that are completely customizable.

Is Dropshipping Worth it?

Absolutely! Dropshipping can be a profitable and convenient business model.

Google Trends Dropshipping Search Requests

Let's look at some solid facts if you still ask yourself the million-dollar question Does dropshipping work?.

  • Low investment: Dropshipping is a great alternative to traditional retail because it doesn't require an upfront inventory investment. You buy the product from the supplier only after you have received an order from your customer.
  • Minimal overhead costs: No need for physical space or a store. Dropshipping businesses are mostly online and reduce rent, utility, and employee costs.
  • Flexible location: Dropshipping can be managed anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.
  • Scalability: Dropshipping is easier to scale. Fulfilling more orders does not require major operational changes because you do not handle the product.
  • A wide range of products: You can offer a wide range of products, without having to purchase or stock them. If one product fails to sell, you can switch easily to another without any financial loss.
  • Reduced Risk: Since there is no inventory to worry over, the risk of theft, damage, or dead stock are almost nonexistent.
  • Concentrate on marketing: You don't have to worry about inventory or order fulfillment. Instead, you can focus your energy on marketing and designing.

Dropshipping's success is also dependent on many factors.

  • Product selection: Dropshipping is often profitable when you choose the right product. Your store's success can be determined by the products you sell.
  • Supplier relations: It is important to build a relationship of trust and reliability with your suppliers. This ensures the quality of your product and prompt shipping, and you can even negotiate better rates.
  • Marketing efforts: It's not enough to set up a dropshipping shop. Marketing, such as SEO and social media promotion, is essential.
  • Operational costs: Advertisement costs, transaction fees and other overheads are included. By managing your costs efficiently, you can ensure that expenses don't consume all of your profits.
  • Profit margins: You should be aware that dropshipping has an average profit margin of 10%-30%. This figure is subject to change.

Does dropshipping make sense? The answer is yes. There has never been a more opportune time to launch your own dropshipping company, learn about Print on Demand and earn passive income.

We can see that all the lights in this picture are green. There has never been a more opportune time to launch your own dropshipping company, learn about print-on-demand, and earn an additional income.

Dropshipping: Pros & Cons

Dropshipping has many indisputable benefits. When someone is hesitant to dive into the lucrative world of dropshipping, a list of its advantages usually convinces them otherwise.

Is dropshipping worth it? Find out.

Dropshipping: Pros

1.Low Investment

Starting out is cheap. Dropshipping is arguably one of the easiest ways to get started in eCommerce. You only purchase the products after your customers have paid.

2.Ample Supply Chain

Most traditional entrepreneurs wear many hats in order to run a successful company. Dropshipping allows you to eliminate costly tasks such as warehousing and managing inventory.

3.Wide Range of Products

Dropshipping gives you access to more products. You can sell and offer a wide range of products without having to maintain inventory.

4.Flexible Location

The open road is yours. The technology has advanced to the point that anyone can run a business. You can also work anywhere.

5.Ability to Scale Rapidly

Dropshippers can quickly scale their business because third-party suppliers handle all of the heavy lifting, including inventory, packaging and shipping. You can spend more time on marketing and sales.

Dropshipping: Cons

Dropshipping has its downsides! It's not all rainbows and sunshine in the world. Dropshipping is no different. It's not enough to identify your strengths. To succeed, you must know your limitations and take action accordingly.

Dropshipping is it worth it, despite the flaws that come with it? We'll see how we can overcome these obstacles.

1.Quality Control is Low to Nonexistent

Dropshipping is a model where the manufacturer ships the products directly to the customer. You can't guarantee that they are in good condition.
Your reputation may be at risk if you don't have reliable suppliers.


Dropshipping is a way to sell products without having to deal with the fulfillment of orders and shipping. It is an important disadvantage in the event of order errors or delays.
It is important to thoroughly vet your suppliers and their service providers.

3.Low-Profit Margins

You have to pay slightly more than wholesale price for suppliers who provide storage and shipping services. You have to sell more in order to earn the same money as traditional retailers.
If you build a brand, you can charge whatever you like.

When you decide to dropship, consider all your options carefully and pay close attention to the details.

Peaprint can help you turn obstacles into opportunities!

Dropshipping Success Stories

You should not be discouraged by an unfamiliar path, no matter how scary it may seem. You can either be excited by the prospect for financial independence, or you can be afraid of failing. This is your choice.

You are not the only one who has dreamed of achieving your goals. Many others have done so and made them a reality. Peaprint can help you achieve your goals.

1.Afro Unicorn

April Showers launched her brand Afro Unicorn to empower women of color and encourage them to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Afro Unicorn, a clothing and merchandise brand has grown in popularity and created a strong community. She recently achieved a successful partnership with Walmart, which is the largest retailer in America.

2.Loretta Shadow Art

Loretta Owens, a self-proclaimed "tech dinosaur" and overnight TikTok phenomenon, began to sell her striking artwork on Etsy.

Print on demand allows her to concentrate on what she loves - creating vibrant artworks that are full of character and color. Peaprint allows her to design and sell products without the need to purchase them in advance.


Gary Stokes, co-founder and director of OceansAsia is a marine conservation group that investigates wildlife crimes. It also brings justice to the people responsible for the destruction of marine ecosystems.

They offer a wide range of items in their store. OceansAsia uses Peaprint to create personalized merchandise which helps them fund their cause, raise awareness and make their brand more known.

How to start a dropshipping business with no money?

Peaprint is committed to helping you achieve your goals by reducing the amount of effort required.

Peaprint simplifies dropshipping for newbies. Peaprint is a dropshipping and print-on demand platform that allows people to start their business without any upfront investment.

We work hard to ensure you get the best products, prices and shipping rates.

Here's how you can start a dropshipping company without any money.

1. Sign up for a free account

You can easily create a Peaprint account for free and browse our ever-growing Catalog. Then, choose the products that you wish to sell, then customize them with our Mockup Maker.

2. Create your digital store

Peaprint can be seamlessly integrated with the most popular e-Commerce platforms, online marketplaces, and e-Commerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommence.

3. Run Your Business!

You can now relax and concentrate on driving revenue. No need to worry about inventory management or shipping.

Our print providers, who have been thoroughly vetted, will print, package and ship the product directly to your customer's doorstep when they purchase from your digital shop.

Why should I partner with Peaprint?

Our service is used by more than 500,00 merchants in the world.

You're in good company if you need a solid foundation for print-on demand and dropshipping.

A Product Catalogue that is Growing Every Day

We have over 800 high-quality, customizable products here, including t-shirts and hoodies.

Useful Design Tools

You can easily design new products with our Mockup Generator.

No Risk, No Inventory

Our service is free, simple to use and available to all. Peaprint allows you to dropship without having to worry about inventory or heavy lifting.


Q 1: Is dropshipping legal?

A: Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that's used by retailers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Dropshipping requirements can vary from one country to another. Be sure to carefully review your country's requirements.

We suggest the following to stay safe and avoid trouble:

  • Dropshipping suppliers should be carefully vetted
  • Protecting your business with a Contract for Dropshipping
  • Consult a lawyer who is an expert in dropshipping requirements

Q 2: Does dropshipping generate good income?

A: Dropshipping can be profitable if done correctly. It's a low risk business model where you can sell products of others and keep a portion for yourself.

Dropshipping allows you to scale your business quickly and easily, so that you can earn more.

You can concentrate on building your brand and sales without having to worry about packaging, warehousing or shipping.

Q 3: What is the average income of a dropshipper?

A: All entrepreneurs are unique. Dropshippers, as long as they work hard and are motivated to do so, can earn between 1,000 and 5, 000 each month. As a dropshipper you can expect to make 20-30 per sale.

You will also have to include expenses for website hosting, marketing and the purchase of products from dropshipping providers.

Q 4: Dropshipping is it difficult?

A: Dropshipping, like any business, is not simple. Dropshipping is a profitable, attractive, and viable business model anyone can begin from their own home.

You need to be a good dropshipper by doing your research, choosing your suppliers carefully, and bringing your A-game in marketing.

Q 5: Does dropshipping still make sense in 2023?

A: It's worth it. Dropshipping allows anyone to jump into the lucrative e-Commerce market and start their business without investing. If you are serious about starting your new business, the year 2023 is a great time to do it.

Dropshipping combined with Print on Demand allows you to personalize your products and stand out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts

Dropshipping and Print on Demand are a great way to take advantage of the convenience that online shopping offers.

Dropshipping is it worth it in 2023? Absolutely, without a doubt.

Dropshipping can be a great way to make money, whether you want to do it as a side business or if you are a full-time entrepreneur.

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