Discounted Samples Every Month

  • 20% discount
  • 1 order / month
  • 3 products / order
*The discount does not include logistics fees and cannot be used in combination with coupons

Time and time again our customers tell us they love the quality of our products

And the best way to choose the perfect print is to hold it in your hands.

Choose the sample

There are 3 sample opportunities
every month to experience the
quality of new products

Upload design

Upload your creative
image for design

Discount order

20% discount on samples

Production delivery

After getting the real product,
decide your sales plan

Feel the quality up close

All prints are produced to the same exacting standards, using the same high-quality processes, materials.

Small sample, Big experience

Fun of customization

Traceable shipments

Speed of production and delivery

Product workmanship and quality, printing color and touch

Exquisite packaging

After-sale protection

Discounts samples FAQ

How To Order A Sample

You will have a chance to purchase
samples at a discounted price once a
month, and you can place orders at
any time. Each sample order will
contain up to 3 samples.

Does the sample support custom design?

All products support custom design,
you can upload pictures or use pictures
provided by other artists for design.

When will the opportunity of sample order be reset?

Each registered Peaprint customer
qualifies for 1 sample order each
month, with a maximum of 3 items per
order. Sample orders reset on the 1st
day of every month.

Is there any difference between the sample and other conventional goods?

Exactly the same quality and service,
we remain in awe of all customers, all
orders, and strive to provide the best
customized experience.

Do I need to pay any other fees for the sample order?

Sample discount is only used to
deduct the price of the product. You
also need to pay the cost and logistics
after deduction.

Do samples support after sales?

Sample orders also enjoy high-quality
after-sales service, if you find product
defects or other experience problems,
please tell us, we will provide
after-sales service for you and continue
to improve the experience.

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