Fast, simple, online ordering

for non-technical users

Multiple ways to place an order

Manual order

Create orders as fast as uploading pictures, import your orders through excel form templates

Automatic order

After authorizing the store, the system will automatically fetch the order. If your balance is sufficient and automatic payment is turned on, the order will be automatically arranged for fulfillment

A complete Order management system

Smart product matching
Production progress tracking
Logistics tracking
Order profit estimate
Order problem feedback, online after-sales service

Edit images online

Use our editing tools to ensure your final product is printed to perfection. Position, scale and crop your image all from within the manual order form.

Real-time tracking

You can track the production and transportation progress of the order at any time.

Smart payment

After enabling automatic payments, you can set your desired profit.

If the profit of the order reaches the standard and the balance is sufficient, the system will automatically deduct the order cost from the balance and assign the fulfillment task to the corresponding production center.

Get started with our order management system