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Turn your designs into custom products using our Shopify print on demand app – personalisation options available.

Sell print-on-demand products on Shopify

Connect your Shopify store

Get the Peaprint app from the WooCommerce App Store and follow the instructions to install it

Choose products

Pick from 0 products and try out our Design tool to create designs for your merchandise

Make sales

Once an order comes in, it's automatically sent for production to one of Peaprint's fulfillment centers

Relax while we ship your orders

We fulfill and ship products directly to your customers under your brand

How Peaprint fuels your Shopify ecommerce business

  • High quality, low price supply chain and rich category support
  • Add new products to your store with ease
  • Clearly set your own pricing
  • Embed design tools in your shopify store, let your buyers enjoy the fun of customization
  • You only pay for what you sell, the fulfillment of the order is fully automatic and trackable

Powerful design tools

Add easy-to-use design tools to your Shopify store

Let customers who visit your website freely customize personalized products, increase the competitiveness of your website, and increase the conversion rate of purchases.

Learn how to install

We take care of all your orders

When you make a sale, order processing is fully automated, using our powerful API to instantly send production to our print network.

You can track the production and transportation progress of the order at any time.

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