Custom Product Collections

Show our latest and classic print on demand products that help you discover your unique style with customizable designs that reflect your personality. From custom t-shirts and hoodies to mugs, we've got you covered.

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Make Your Style Uniquely Yours

Combine your personality with our high-quality print on demand products, and create a unique design that stands out. With our customizable t-shirts, sports shoes, phone cases, and more, you can create a unique design that reflects your style effortlessly.

Our Custom Collection

Custom Collection has a high repurchase rate and good evaluation, verified by a large number of buyers! For novices or a veterans, they are excellent for boosting their sales or opening new markets.
  • Perfect for those who want to express their individuality.
  • Thoughtful gifts for your beloved or friends.
  • Offer a touch of sophistication.

How To Market Your Products as Collections?

  • Cater to the Vibes Your Customer Desires
    Allowing buyers to print individual images and photos of family on t-shirts, mugs and blankets.
  • Use Seasons to Your Advantage
    In summer, sell all kinds of custom swimwear, beach shorts, etc.
  • Keep Holidays in Mind
    From Valentine's Day and Mother's Day to Halloween and Christmas, you can use images of different themes on the same product to create a romantic festival atmosphere on different holidays.
  • Develop a Marketing Plan
    Share your Peaprint store link on socials to attract people to buy by setting up promotional codes or discounts.
  • Sell holiday-themed custom products before holidays for customers' selection, like Valentine's Day T-shirts, Christmas decorative balls, and Father's Day's mugs.
  • Get your inspiration from Peaprint's image library & well-designed Merch, and design unique products with festival patterns, cultural totems, and spirits that customers will love.
  • Customized products from an independent IP series offer unique and exclusive designs inspired by original intellectual properties, allowing you to own one-of-a-kind items that celebrate creativity, individuality, and a connection to a distinctive world of imagination.
  • Bring the essence of each season to life through personalized designs, capturing the beauty and spirit of nature's ever-changing landscapes, and allowing you to embrace the unique vibes and aesthetics of each time of the year.
  • Offer a curated collection of personalized designs that revolve around a specific theme, allowing you to express your passion and showcase your love for a particular concept or idea through unique and captivating products.

Start Selling Print on Demand Product Collections

How to Design Your Custom Product Collections

Design your own sportswear, beachwear, streetwear, and more collections. Order for yourself, or start selling online No order minimums

Choose Custom Product Collections

Pick favorites from our catalog of New Arrivals, Classic Merch, Gifts for Her/Him, etc. for your business.

Customize Your Designs

Use our online design tool to create unique prints, images, text, etc. Preview in 3D.

Add to Your Store

Easily connect store and list customized designs. We handle production and shipping.

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What is Custom Product Collections?

Custom Product Collections is a range of print-on-demand products that help you discover your unique style and showcase your personality with customizable designs.